discover Ship-ISHIN-II ferry concept

next year InsyaAllah, aku akan ke nihon(jepun) tok sambung blaja dalam bidang mechanical eng.. aku ni sejak kecik mmng minat laut ngan kapal.. so if all goes well, aku akan masuk Tokai University n amek course Naval Architecture n Ocean Engineering.. kat c2 aku leh blaja tentang pembuatan kapal di Jepun..doa2 kan la aku yeh kawan2..

so 2day i wanna talk about dis new ship design from Japan.. as u all know, orng Jepun ni mmng kepala hotak eco-friendly so ape2 technology jorng mesti ade element environment friendly.. so the ship i'm talking about is the ISHIN-II ferry.. kapal ni dibina oleh MITSUI OSK lines n its for passenger n cargo transportation..

whats so green about this ship is that it uses a Contra-Rotating Propeller(rotation in opposite direction)  system with a diesel engine n electric motor.. the great thing about the CRP is that it uses one engine to drive two propellers..the CRP will have no rotating airflow, pushing a maximum amount of water through the propeller disk resulting in high performance and low energy loss..

slain 2, kapal ni gak ade taruk solar panel kat tiap tingkap kabin.. kapal ni gak menggunakan air lubrication technology to reduce friction n collect n recirculate air.. the bottom of the ferry will be painted with ultra-low friction coating to create a smooth surface that reduce friction..nice..

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