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I went to Shenzen, China two years ago n i want to share about the things i did there.. first of all, here is a map of where Shenzen is. Shenzen ni bersebelahan ngan Hong Kong, n besenye kalo orng g Hong Kong akan pergi Shenzen gak.. its only a hour flight from Malaysia..

Shenzen is actually one of the most richest part of China.. tmpat paling popular kat shenzen ni adalah Splendid was open in 2003.. dis theme park terbahagi kepada dua.. Miniature China n Chinese folk culture village.. the park's theme reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of various nationalities..sbb aku maleh taip bnyk2 kali ni, aku cite dngn gamba2 aku tngkap jela..

First lets talk about Miniature China.. kat sini korng leh tngok Great Wall, Forbidden City n laen2, in miniature size.. kite leh plih nak jalan kaki pusing2 or naek train pusing2 2.. n sbb aku syng lemak badan aku, aku pon naek tren la..

ni adalah Summer Palace

dis one is The Forbidden City

n dis one is the Great Wall, all in miniature size..

i luv to show more pic, but u know, aku ni terlalu kacak for the

ok now aku nak cite pasal Folk Village lak.. tempat ni sngt best n will remain one of the best places i have ever been to.. damn, i wish i could go again.. so, basically, tempat ni bertemakan the 56 tribe of China.. here u can see their houses, their clothes, cultures n other stuff.. its really interesting.. hav a look at these photos i took...

these are the houses of some of China's native tribes..

ancient Chinese tribes believed that by wearing mask, jorng bole berkomunikasi ngan tuhan jorng.. through that, they can attain blessings.. other uses are, ward off ghosts n diseases.. ni adalah cnth gamba topeng2 yg jorng pakai.. haha.. i think they look badass awesome.. nice..

the most interesting part is here you can watch live cultural show which have acrobatic performance n dance.. nice.. just so you know, the travel guide told me that the female dancers are are picked from all over China n only the best are selected.. n believe me, she wasn't lying when she said that.. damn.. meleleh air liur aku time tngok jrng awek2 hot joget..haha.. i really wanted to show you a vid, but at that time cameras are not allowed, n aku ni kan skema.. haha.. but you can watch this video someone else took.. its really amazing..

actually ade 2 performance yg aku tngok time aku g.. 1 indoor n 1 outdoor, akur ase vid yg kat atas ni time outdoor..patot leh amek video..cis

so, 2 jela pasal Folk Village ni.. sebenanye bnyk lg mende leh wat kat cni, leh try pakai baju etnik2 Cina, naek kuda n macam2 la.. cnth cam awek ni ha.. haha.. nice

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