discover Aircraft- V22 OSPREY

aku baru teringat pasal dis one plane i saw in Transformer 2: revenge of the fallen yg dr dulu aku nak share ngan orng.. its dis one bad-ass looking multi-function tiltrotor aircraft the Bell-Boeing V22 Ospray.. as u all know, helicopter ni kelebihan dia ialah its capability to do short, vertical takeoff and top speed average hanya sekadar 250 kmph.. thats pretty slow.. so in 1980, the US military took the best of both plane n helicopter to make the V22 Ospray.. kat plane jorang pasang 2 enjin Rolls-Royce Allison yg mampu menghasilkan lebih 6000 hp..damn.. the V22 Ospray can go over 470 kmph..nice

usha video ni tok lihat bagaimana V22 ni takeoff n landing..

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