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sejak aku kecik lg, aku mmng die hard fan kat Lara Croft: Tomb Raider series.. aku maen dr PS1, GameBoy, PS2 smpai PC.. so a little background story.. Tomb Raider legacy ni adalah hasil idea Toby Gard n the first release of the original Tomb Raider was in 1996..semnjak 2, Tomb Raider menjadi begitu feymes smpai masuk Guiness Book of Records sebagai 'most succesful virtual game heroine'.. basically, the game is about a multi-billionaire female adventurer who is not only super-hot, but excellent in the martial-arts and gun-wielding.. she travels the world in search of ancient tombs for unsolved mysteries.... the first six games are developed by Core Design and was taken over by Crystal Dynamics..the game was later developed into a movie which stars Angelina Jolie.. so here are the list of games since it was released in 1996..

no 1, 2 ngan 3 aku dah game kan..hohoho

ni aku x pena jumpe pon kat kedai... mngkin limited edition kot..damn

haha..time ni aku maen graphic cam sampah gler compare ngan skrang..

game it..

ni aku maen kat ps2.. terpaksa tngok walkthrough.. susah sngt.. last2, aku maen cheat wat Lara x pakai.. err.. nevermind..

time ni graphic berubah dngan begitu drastik.. they juz made Lara look so real..damn..

ni dah stat kua X-Box360.. graphic? muuaahhh.. frst class..

haa.. here things got really interesting.. Japan's Square Enix joint venture with Eidos Int. to make a new RPG-style Lara Croft.. nice.. aku ngan member aku Pian tnga maen game ni.. susah beb..

still Square Enix nye latest production.. one word, JAWBREAKING!! check out the new trailer below..
checkout dia punye gameplay kat youtube.. aku nak maen, tp xde PS3..sabar nak yeh..

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