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i'm a sucker for magic tricks.. neway, aku nak cite pasal Bicycle Cards.. korng mngkin x pena denga pon pasal ni, sbb selama ni korng maen je card 2 tanpa amek taw pasal brand dia kan.. but this particular type of playing cards are different from any other brand.. why? i tell u in a sec..

so, the bicycle cards were produced by the United States Playing Card Company in 1885.. Bicycle Cards have an air-cushioned finished which improves the handling of the cards.. sbb 2 Bicycle card ni slalu digunakan dalam magic trick and flourishes(art of shuffling).. magician yg feymes2 mcm David Blaine, Cyril Takayama sume pakai Bicycle Card..

gamba kat atas ni adalah standard traditional Bicycle Card with a 'rider back'.. icon seekor pari2 naek basikal
ni lambang Bicycle Card.. i hav the red one.. u can buy it for RM15 a deck..

below are some of the other feymes deck..

this is the eco edition deck..
this is the pokerpeek series pro deck..

dis one lak is the Black Ghost edition.. harga lebih kurang seratus lebih gak r.. nak bli dowh..

the Black Scorpion Deck..totally epic..

last one, the super rare Transducer Deck..

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