discover Seacraft-Earthrace Bio-diesel powered boat

speedboat yg didesign oleh Criag Loomes Design from New Zealand ni merupakan sebuah tri-hull wavepiercer which was built specifically to break the record of a powerboat.. the Eartrace was an advanced endurance vessel, capable of submarining up to 7m underwater with top speed of 50knots(92.6km/h) uses a 1080hp Cummins Mercruiser engine to operate.. mende paling awesome tntng boat ni ialah it can travel up to 24000 km at 6 knots on one tank of biodiesel..WTF!!?? that's half way across the globe.. damn, got to get me one of these... another WTF thing bout this boat is that it uses 100% biodiesel of SOYA BEAN which is totally renewable..damn it..

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