discover Korea-Girl's Generation (SNSD)

post ni x relevan pon ngan travelling, but wat de hel, aku post je la.. so, there is dis one singing/dancing girl group from South Korea called Girl's Generation or So Nyu Shi Dae in korean.. once my friend show me one of their vid clips of their song called 'Gee' n ever since that i started to like them.. this is the vid clip..

damn.. nosebleed..

ni gamba desktop wallpaper for full size..

so, a bit of facts about them.. SNSD was formed in 2007 under SM Entertainment.. they consists of 9 girls whose age range from 19 to 21..haha.. and i'm 20..coincidence, i dont think so..haha.. their first single was, 'Into the New World'.. most of the girls can speak fluently in Japanese and have made many singles in Japanese.. their lead vocal is Tae Yeon.. ni gamba dia.. damn kawaiii jann.. among their famous singles are, 'Gee', 'Mr. Taxi'(my personal fav) and 'Hoot'.. check out their vids at youtube..

Tae Yeon

oh n gamba ni de video jorang 'Sweet Delight' korng usha la, n jngn mara aku kalo hidung korang berdarah.. 

so which one do you like most? leave your interesting comment and responses below.. (RWJ style..haha)
me, i like Soo Young most.. damn i cant get enough of her sekadar fan service for ya'll..haha

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