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ari 2 aku ade cite pasal obesesi aku pada Lara Croft: Tomb Raider series.. kali ni aku nak cite pasal King of Fighters series ni aku ingat lg aku maen time bapak aku blikan SEGA console dulu.. it was my 1st game console ever u know.. bring back a lot of memories.. neway, a little background story.. The King of Fighters was first produced by SNK Playmore in 1994.. basically, its a 2D beat em'up fighting game where u hav to pick any character n use his/her skill to beat ur opponent.. original KOF characters diambil dr game2 SNK Playmore yg lama spt Fatal Fury n Art of Fighting..

 so asal cite ni pasal dis martial artist named Kyo Kusanagi who is the heir of the Kusanagi Clan which possess the power to manipulate fire.. rival dia lak, Iori Yagami, heir to the Yagami Clan who is able to control the legendary purple flame.. so cite KOF ni revolves around these two fire wielders fighting n about the tournament where fighters from all over the world participate.. in KOF'94  a new fore wielder K, was introduced.. in KOF 2003, antagonist baru Ash Crimson plak dikenalkan.. Ash Crimson ni lak adalah the green fire wielder n matlamat dia ialah nak bunuh Kyo, Iori ngan K supaya leh curi kuasa api jorang.. so maleh nak cite panjang, kalo korng nak taw lebih pasal each character n their storyline, korng cr la sndiri.. ape gunenye internet.. so below are the KOF series dr 1994 hngga skrang..

ni la Kyo Kusanagi, hensem bai..

rambut putih coat merah 2 Ash Crimson..

3 character depan 2 adalah The Three Divine Vessels(pengguna api) K, Kyo ngan Iori..

kalo korng nak taw, sume KOF smpai cni sume 2D, so kali ni SNK Playmore decided nak try wat KOF 3D lak.. in my opinion, the game still rock n bounce.. especially the ladies..haha

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